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The witches of a2


The girl Lily loves is throwing a witch-themed Halloween party and Lily will do anything to impress her. When a talking Judy Garland doll, claimed to be possessed by the actual Judy Garland, insists she can get Lily the girl, Lily embarks on a quest of witches, sorority sisters, and one improperly summoned, gargantuan Mark Hamill.


LILY — (F, 20), reckless and frustrated; the spitting image of a young Judy Garland; can't admit her obsession with Christine, the goth girl next door.

BELLA — (F, 21), kind and supportive; Lily's former sorority sister who's along for the ride to protect Lily; can't admit her obvious crush on Lily.

JUDY — (F, 97), the voice of a senile doll who's here for her comeback; rambling and ruthless.

Note 1: in The Wizard of Oz fashion, Lily's two freshman housemates (Tony and Toby) and two former sorority sisters (Marilyn and Mary-Lynn) are to crossdress to play the supernatural characters later on.

Note 2: this script fails a reverse Bechtel test!

Greg Panagiotoglou © 2019

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