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Screen RANT

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"Similar to other postmodern explorations of superhero-dom such as Watchmen and The Boys, Peacemaker as a character echoes how the inherent ties between power and abuse apply to beloved caped crusadersWatchmen's The Comedian was based on Peacemaker, writer Alan Moore contending that centralized powers like the Justice League are fascistic regardless of rhetoric and fanfare. Where older superhero portrayals in media labeled the greater American purpose as triumphant, heroic, and even wholesome — such as Christopher Reeve's Superman or Adam West's Batmannewer shows like Peacemaker have reinterpreted American "heroes" as grittier, nonsensically self-righteous, and hereditarily genocidalAs Cena describes it, it's 'f**ked.'"

Film Reels


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"Some directors find their Hobbit hole and nest in it, churning out incredible works that deserve collective praise, but Lee’s films demand it individually. He's missed, like the remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy or the extremely questionable Girl 6, but for a renowned artist to fail demands that they neglect what once made them successful. Lee isn’t a Hollywood employee who totes his reels like a Fuller Brush Man does vacuums, he doesn’t seek to trace, he’s a 21st century explorer whose unmapped and enigmatic terrain fits in a 16:9 aspect ratio, if that. A director should be so curious to have failures; the idea that quality should be consistent is the pillar of a salesman, not an artist."

Colorful Pens


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