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 A one-act play read for the University of Calgary's 2024 Alchemy Festival as a part of Maxim Vinogradov's MFA.

 Directed by Jacqueline Russell.

Christmas Lights on Trees

 The full production of Lost in 3 Pines from Basement Arts at the University of Michigan. Directed by Maxim Vinogradov.

Image by David von Diemar

 Won "Experimental Film - Runner Up" and "Best Original Score" at Lightworks Film Festival.

Image by Peter James Eisenhaure

Other comedians who have performed at Flapper's include Jerry Seinfeld, Maria Bamford, and Adam Sandler, with weekly shows from Jay Leno and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin. This set is from 8/6/22. Maxim's second time at Flapper's.

Film Slate Marker

 A high school comedy short Maxim co-wrote, co-directed, scored, and acted in. "Best in Show - Comedy" at the Orchard Lake Student Film Festival.

 A comedy short Maxim scored.

 A high school comedy short Maxim wrote, co-directed, scored, and acted in. 

 An educational short Maxim wrote for the ACSEM.

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