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A Night of Stars With Tennessee Williams

Izzy Childs © 2019


Tennessee Williams lives in a purgatorial state where he must give a tour of his life and all his celebrity friends night after night alongside his elderly assistant. But, as Tenn spent his life trying to wipe memories with a bottle, the surviving traumas materialize tonight in the forms of his doomed former lover and lobotomized sister. As Tenn tries to cherish just one more memory with them, he relives the reasons why he ran from here to begin with.


Tennessee Williams


Rose Williams

Frank Merlo

Greta Garbo

Marlon Brando

Andy Warhol

Truman Capote

Elizabeth Taylor

Katharine Hepburn

Bette Davis

Diana Barrymore

Paul Newman


(7F, 7M) — multi-casting recommended.

(M, 30s)

(F, older)

(F, 20s)

(M, 20s)

(F, 20s)

(M, 20s)

(M, 20s)

(M, 40s)

(F, 20s)

(F, 20s)

(F, 20s)

(F, teens)

(M, teens)

(M, 20s)

Alterations to age or gender are not only permitted but celebrated.


  • The National Partners of the American Theatre Playwriting Award from The Kennedy Center.

  • The Hopwood Award in Drama.

  • The Wilde Award for Best New Script.

  • The Dennis McIntyre Prize in Undergraduate Playwriting.

“... surpassed my expectations. [Vinogradov] tackles his subject with a sharp scalpel, expertly scraping away layer upon layer of the persona Williams created for himself and the public… The result is a powerful tale well told—and a very human one.”

— Don V. Calamia for The Cranky Critic —

“... this ethereal gem of a play is unlike any biographical portrait you’ve seen before... the young playwright miraculously manages to make an evening spent with Williams feel witty and magical and heart-wrenching.”

— Jenn McKee for A2 Arts Addict

“This play is akin to going to church to hear Tennessee Williams preach... alternately powerful, hilarious, and lyrically heartrending... A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams is a poignant, affectionate and irresistible look at one of the world’s greatest playwrights.”

— Patrice Nolan for

Production History


Slipstream Theatre Initiative
Ferndale, MI. — Sep. 2017
dir. Victoria Rose Weatherspoon & Maxim Vinogradov
photos by Jennifer Jolliffe


Theatre Nova
Ann Arbor, MI. — Aug. 2018
dir. Mandy Logsdon
photos by Jennifer Jolliffe


The Regular Theatre
Cincinnati, OH. — May. 2019
dir. Ellie Conniff
photos by Izzy Childs


KCACTF Region III Design Storm
Madison, WI. — Jan. 2019
dir. Zech Saenz
photos by Adam Rozenberg


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If you wish to produce this play with the following...
  1. A minimum half non-male cast
  2. A minimum half cast of color
  3. A seating occupancy of 50 or less
... please inquire about having your rights' fees waived by the playwright.
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