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A night of stars

With tennessee Williams

Ryan Hutton © 2019


Based on the play of the same name, this script follows Tennessee Williams as he gives a tour of his home. In every room is a memory and a star, be it Marlon Brando or Bette Davis, but some rooms that haven't been visited in years harbor memories Tenn tried to forget. As all the doors open tonight, Tenn relives the moments he tried to abandon, alongside the people he tried to abandon there.


TENNESSEE — (M, 30s), witty, tired; walks a line between self-appointed divinity and damnation.

EDWINA — (F, 60s), Tenn's pleasant as peaches assistant; operates the Star Machine that runs this show.

FRANK — (M, 20s), handsome and gentle; in love with Tenn and his celebrity friends; earnest in his doom.

ROSE — (F, 20s), Tenn's lively sister; a wordsmith to rival Tenn but with a gleeful promiscuity.


  • The Hopwood Award in Screenplay.

  • The Leonard and Eileen Newman Prize in Dramatic Writing.

“Cleverly and movingly bringing to life the iconic Tennessee Williams, this script provides a wild view of his life and times in agonizing but delightful terms… The script’s Tennessee Williams, skillfully grounded in the history of his love life, family, the text of his plays, feels real and whole… the narrative is emotionally satisfying and illuminating. For this lifelong TW fan, the third act is deeply moving.”

— Tom Benedek, screenwriter of Cocoon (1985) —

Greg Panagiotoglou © 2019

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