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Chloé Lam © 2019


When they were seven and five, Emily had to save Maya from drowning in a river. Five years later, Emily still believes she has to save Maya. Maya, on the other hand, got a messiah complex. Upon their parents' divorce, Maya ropes Emily into blackmailing their local pickpocket Lyft driver for a trip across Michigan, where a cult that claims to receive regular divine intervention has invited the pair.


EMILY — (F, 12), terrified of anything happening to her sister; believes God will never save anyone; currently studying for her Bat Mitzvah.

MAYA — (F, 10), a fearless genius beyond her years; believes God has a special plan for her.

TERRA — (F, 25), a Lyft driver who hangs around private schools to pickpocket rich kids; can't admit that she does in fact care about others.


  • The Arthur Miller Creative Arts Award from the Goldstein Honors Prizes.

Public Reading at the University of Michigan

photos by Mary Lou Chipala

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