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Lost in 3 Pines

Gwen McKee Photography © 2019


Lyuba lives in an oven with her husband, her mother-in-law, her husband's boss, and her husband's boss's wife, repeating the same routine daily. But when a student appears, asking her, "What do you do?", Lyuba realizes she can bend the laws of space and time. Each of the four acts of this play take on a different form of theatre (absurdism, commedia dell'arte, farce, realism) as Lyuba, like her ally, the audience, tries to understand what is happening.


(4F, 2M)

(F, younger)

(F, younger)

(M, older)

(F, older)









Alterations to age or gender are not only permitted but celebrated.


  • The Hopwood Award in Drama.

  • (Nomination) Wilde Award for Best New Script.

  • The Dennis McIntyre Prize in Undergraduate Playwriting.

Lost in 3 Pines is experimental, abstract and unlike anything else… It is funny. It is entertaining. It is an ideal platform for inventive, versatile performers… If you’re ready for a theatrical adventure, this is a great place to start.”

— Patrice Nolan for

“Vinogradov has attempted, with this play, to not only render visible our constant intellectual desire to make sense of things, but also to argue that this drive to find logic in the illogical is little more than a pointless, wasteful exercise… It’s an ambitious, risky, and sophisticated undertaking for a playwright.”

— Jenn McKee for A2 Arts Addict

“The quick, wry, witty dialogue is fast flowing and fabulous… masterful dramatic build, the action crazy, imaginative, riveting.”

— Kia Corthron, playwright of The Castle Cross of the Magnet Carter 

“I was immediately drawn in by the absurdity and humor of the world [Vinogradov] created… I was captivated...”

— Aleshea Harris, playwright of Is God Is

“... it’s part cryptogram, part word seek and part mental acuity test all rolled into a 90-minute dilemma… anyone who loves theater that is different and unique and is open to work that challenges its audience to pay close attention and sort through its many details will find it intriguing. And fun. And thought provoking. And timely.”

— Don V. Calamia for The Cranky Critic —

Production History


Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Ferndale, MI. — Jul. 2018

dir. Bailey Boudreau

photos by Jennifer Jolliffe


Basement Arts

Ann Arbor, MI. — Feb. 2019

dir. Maxim Vinogradov

photos by Gwen McKee Photography


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If you wish to produce this play with the following...

  1. A minimum half non-male cast

  2. A minimum half cast of color

  3. A seating occupancy of 50 or less

... please inquire about having your rights' fees waived by the playwright.

Joanna Kosinska © 2019

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