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A Riot of FLoweRS

Anthony Delanoix © 2019


Four people from around the world live in an apartment together in Prague, feuding on a daily basis. When a homeless boy shows up on their fire escape, what begins as showing the kid a nice time evolves into an illegal adoption. As the two couples feud over how to handle this child's future, tragedy strikes.


ACE — (M, 20s), American; fugitive; deeply Christian; recovering from some kind of past misdeed; ferociously against Jacques; wants nothing to do with the kid.

SAILOR — (F, 20s), English; wants to be an actress; keeps her past life a secret and doesn't intervene on others; in a relationship with Ace.

JACQUES — (M, 20s), French; addicted to opioids; sees the kid as a fun thing to have around.

DANI — (F, 20s), Russian; in love with Jacques and wants him to quit; wants the kid to be her kid.

BUSH — (M, 5), homeless; timid; wants to be a part of a family; immediately idolizes Jacques.


  • The Leonard and Eileen Newman Prize in Dramatic Writing.

“... it feels like a live-action cartoon. The energy of the movie is palpable and, as any good screenplay needs to do, you can feel through reading this what the experience of watching this movie will feel like.”

— Noah Stahl, producer of Patti Cake$

A Riot of Flowers is a heightened story of addiction, love, rejection, and the ultimate sacrifice of life... a hauntingly unique and cinematic world.”

— Kelci Parker, of Comedy Central’s South Side

Tony Reid © 2019

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