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Image by Jan Baborák

Dog Teeth

Jan Baborák © 2020


Decades in the future, Tampa is halfway submerged in the ocean but Nephew and his sister-in-law Shakira have neither the means nor intentions of leaving. But when Shakira’s son returns home from college with two pregnant girls, the pair rethink their livelihoods.







(M, 40)

(F, 40)

(F, 20)

(M, 20)

(F, 20)

(3F, 2M)

Alterations to age or gender are not only permitted but celebrated.


  • Semi-Finalist for the 2022 National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

If you wish to produce this play with the following...

  1. A minimum half non-male cast

  2. A minimum half cast of color

  3. A seating occupancy of 50 or less

... please inquire about having your rights' fees waived by the playwright.

Note: due to copyrights, this script may only be requested with intent to produce or with intent to hire.

(this play has not had a world premiere)

Scott Van Hoy © 2020

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