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Image by Matthew Henry



Based on the play of the same name, this script follows the relationship of a ballerina and a writer's evolution over three episodes in their lives: a hotel in Pennsylvania, an opera restroom in London, and a train stop in France. 


J. — (F; 17, 20, 23), a young writer for the sake of her own escapism. Frantically closeted. The only things she believes at the beginning are that she doesn't exist and that's a good thing. S. isn't just the subject through which J. can write and therefore exist, but J.'s means of beginning to exist outside of writing.

S. — (F; 17, 20, 23), A ballerina for the sake of her own rebellion. "Properly" closeted. Where S. is continuously trying to escape from her last escape attempt, J. is S.'s sought crash landing. Because S. cosigns that J. isn't a real person, S. desperately wants to join her in doing so.

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