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‎Cristina Gloria Calamita-Orlando‎ © 2019


J. is a seventeen year-old runaway, S. the same. J. likes to write, S. to dance. The two agree to sharing a hotel room so long as neither learns about the other's circumstances, age, or real name. They didn't know it, but that night they'd begin a six-year relationship built on anonymity.







“A strong two-hander play, exploring the GPS directions of an important relationship between two young people deprived of emotional warmth at home when they were forming their love and life patterns as children and adolescents... The bits from [J.'s] pen that Vinogradov gives us to hear are heartfelt and literate... It’s elements of the story like this that make beautiful sense as the play reveals itself and opens up like a bottle of red wine. The full title of the play is “Dancing: A Life Story In Three Acts.” Even the title takes time to make sense til the end of the story. And when it does, you’ll find yourself thinking about these two characters long after the curtain closes.”

— David Kiley for —

Production History


Planet Ant Theatre

Hamtramck, MI. — Dec. 2019

dir. Kaitlyn Valor Bourque

photos by ‎Cristina Gloria Calamita-Orlando‎


The Regular Theatre

Cincinnati, OH. — Apr. 2020

dir. Micah Price

photos by ‎The Regular Theatre



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If you wish to produce this play with the following...

  1. A minimum half non-male cast

  2. A minimum half cast of color

  3. A seating occupancy of 50 or less

... please inquire about having your rights' fees waived by the playwright.

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