My Dad Was

Fifteen Feet Tall

Adriane Galea © 2019


Three childhood friends all lost their fathers: Marlene to abandonment years ago, Lucy to suicide months ago, and John to drunk driving weeks ago. On Halloween, 2004, these three reunite to contact Lucy's dead mother from beyond to help Lucy steal her identity and flee the country. But the ghosts of their fathers haunt them this night, and, inevitably, cast a shadow over who these three are.


(2F, 2M)





(M, 40s)

(F, 16)

(M, 16)

(F, 16)

Alterations to age or gender are not only permitted but celebrated.

Production History


Outvisible Theatre Company

Allen Park, MI. — Jul. 2019

dir. Mycah Artis

photos by Adriane Galea


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If you wish to produce this play with the following...

  1. A minimum half non-male cast

  2. A minimum half cast of color

  3. A seating occupancy of 50 or less

... please inquire about having your rights' fees waived by the playwright.


Alexander Holyoake © 2019