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the poetry channel

The Poetry Channel is a collective of high school friends Jackson Abohasira, Nick Hampton, Kenny Knox, Claire Jolliffe, and Maxim Vinogradov, working together to ruin your social media with terrible sketches and even worse poetry. Season 1 of The Poetry Channel will premiere online for free in late 2022.

CF's Writer's Roundtable is an ensemble of award-winning playwrights, novelists, and librettists started by Claire-Frances Sullivan and featuring Clare Bierman, Molly Burdick, Laura McCullagh, Will Thames, Maxim Vinogradov, Amy-Catherine Welch, Zoe Williams, and Isaac Wood.


Slipstream Theatre Initiative is a SE Michigan theatre company founded on bringing accessible classics to young theatregoers, reimagining Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, etc. in exciting, innovative ways. Vinogradov is an original company member and was the resident playwright for three years.

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